Chloe Paige cover of Adele - 'Hello'. Chloe Paige - as seen on X Factor 2015 - performs Adele hit 'Hello' live in session in Brighton. 

Recorded and mixed at Luna Sound

I Believe - official live video, feat. Sam Cox and newday worship band, filmed at newday 2015. 

Live event audio recording and mix by Luna Sound.

Recorded live at Lunasound Studios, Brighton. Words and music © Tom Read 2015.


RECORDING: Outlines, Newday, Chloe Paige, Matt Redman (vocals), Jonny Patton (drums), Lou Fellingham, Jordan Dillon, Dan Lank, Tom Read (vocals), Kickback Covers, Matt Richley, Chris Gwilt, Sarah Benton, David Hoffbrand, Pierre Nicolas, Matt Kerr

MIXING: Chloe Paige, Newday, Phatfish, Kickback Covers, Jordan Dillon, Dan Lank, Matt Richley, CCK Brighton, Jules Burt, Pierre Nicolas, City Church Bristol, Matt Kerr

MASTERING: Jake Isaac, Tom Read, Phatfish, Outlines, Newday, Heir, Pete Coggan, Silvastrain, Serena Dalton, Jonny Patton, Through The Waters, Andy Flood, Melissa Hubert, Daniella Hogger, Seeker, Whisper Anthem, Miriam Berrin, Becky Green, Boyd Williams, David Hoffbrand, David Salisbury, Divine Impact, Geek Boy, Hannah Holley, Her Name is Calla, Phoenix Flare